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Diego Maradonain full Diego Armando Maradonaborn October 30,LanusBuenos AiresArgentinaArgentine football soccer player who is generally regarded as the top footballer of the s and one of the greatest of all time. Renowned for his ability to control the ball and create scoring opportunities for himself and others, he led club teams to championships in ArgentinaItaly, and Spain, and he starred on the Argentine national team that won the World Cup.

He signed with Argentinos Juniors at age 14 and made his first-division debut in10 days before his 16th birthday. Only four months later he made his debut with the national team, becoming the youngest Argentine ever to do so.

Although he was excluded from the World Cup-winning squad because it was felt that he was still too young, the next year he led the national under team to a Junior World Cup championship. Maradona moved to Boca Juniors in and immediately helped them gain the championship. He then moved to Europe, playing with FC Barcelona in and winning the Spanish Cup in and then SSC Napoli —91where he enjoyed great success, raising the traditionally weak Naples side to the heights of Italian football.

With Maradona the team won the league title and cup in and the league title again in In he returned to Boca Juniors and played his last match on October 25, He dominated the competition in Mexico.

In a 2—1 quarterfinal victory over England, he scored two of the most memorable goals in World Cup history. The second occurred after Maradona gained possession of the ball at midfield and dribbled through a pack of English defenders and past the keeper before depositing the ball in the goal.

weak spell soccer

He did not finish the World Cup, because he tested positive for the drug ephedrine and was again suspended. Maradona also played on South American championship-winning teams in and A stocky and tenacious midfielder, Maradona became a hero of the lower classes of Argentina from which he hailed and of southern Italy, where he led Napoli to victories over the wealthier northern clubs.

He played official club games during his year professional career, scoring goals; for Argentina he played 91 games and scored 34 goals. In Maradona was named head coach of the Argentine national team.

However, the team struggled, and Maradona was fired the following year. Diego Maradona. Article Media. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Diego Maradona Argentine soccer player. See Article History. Get exclusive access to content from our First Edition with your subscription.

Subscribe today. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:.It has a alexa rank of 18, in the world.

Why Do Some People Call Football “Soccer”?

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What is the Gluteus Medius? Gluteus Medius Weakness and Valgues Knees. What does the Gluteus Medius do? Exercises to Strengthen the Gluteus Medius:. Maybe you stood up too quickly, or were distracted while trying to reach for something, or maybe you just had a little too much to drink the night before…. Any of these could be a sign your gluteus medius muscle is in serious need of some strengthening and repatterning.

Sandwiched in between the gluteus maximus and minimus, your gluteus medius stretches from the upper pelvis to the top of your femur bone. Your glute medius plays a key role in movements at your hip — especially abducting and rotating your thigh [ 1 ]. But this pelvic stabilizing role is perhaps most important when it comes to two activities we do often — walking and running. This is crucial — if that hip were allowed to drop, your moving foot would also drop — slamming into the earth instead of swinging over it and allowing you to move forward [ 2 ].

Weakness in your gluteus medius can contribute to many issues down the kinetic chain of your body, including valgus knees. You might know valgus knees as knock-knees. This is where your knees seem to bend in toward each other. This improper rotation at the top of your femur can cause the other end of the bone to rotate inward — meaning your knees will also point in towards each other, giving you knock-knees [ 3 ]. But they are definitely a place to investigate.

Valgus knees can cause patellofemoral knee pain but the issue can also cause pain to reverberate down to your ankle or foot [ 4 ]. Valgus knees can be serious, and not just because they are painful. They can make your body more vulnerable to major problems like meniscus, anterior and posterior cruciate ligament ACL and PCL injuries especially in sports like soccer and basketball that require high speed changes of direction and volleyball that require jumping [ 5 ].

Unfortunately, women are more prone to valgus knees due to something called the Q angle, or quadriceps angle [ 6 ]. The Q angle is measured by imagining one line going straight up through the middle of your patella and another line going from your patella to a point on the superior front of your pelvis.

The angle created between these lines is the Q angle. Larger Q angles can represent a bigger risk of certain injuries, including ACL troubles, and a propensity for valgus knees.

Some of this is just the luck of the structural draw, but a weak glute medius can exacerbate the problem by failing to provide even pelvis balance and abduction of the leg. Image by www. This test identifies weaknesses in your glute medius and other hip muscles by examining your body position when you stand on one leg.

Usually, standing on one leg will mean strong contractions in the muscles of your glute med and other hip abductors on the standing leg, which work to keep your entire pelvis stable [ 8 ]. Weak glutes that fail to keep your body stable when moving can cause recruitment of other muscles to do the job — like say, the muscles of your low back.

Other leg abductors, like your tensor fascia latae, can also become overworked if your glute medius is slacking off. Studies have shown similar results when it comes to IT band troubles. In one study, runners with iliotibial band syndrome had weaker glute meds than runners without IT band problems, plus had weaker glute meds on their affected side than on their side without IT troubles [ 11 ]. Those valgus knees can really show up here and weak gluteus medius muscles can translate to an inward slant of your knees during both squats and lunges.

It can also result in leaning forward more than necessary to balance — potentially putting your back in jeopardy. You put the effort into doing these moves because you want to become stronger.

However, hockey players like myself still need to train other movement patterns that involve the gluteus medius to ensure complete development. Much harder than it looks. The difficulty is not shifting my weight and maintaining a netral spine through the isometric hold on the abduction. Highly effective I could feel the glute medius firing.We use cookies to improve our service for you.

You can find more information in our data protection declaration. Not always. These players and coaches have quirky pre-match routines to secure that extra bit of good luck. The Portuguese star striker doesn't leave anything to chance. In the Real Madrid team bus, he always sits in the back row.

In a plane, it's the front row. He always steps onto the football field with his right foot first, and during half-time, without fail, he will adjust his hair. Could all this explain his having scooped up five Ballon D'Or soccer awards?

He's the best player in the world. At least that's what Neymar himself said, explaining that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are "from another planet. Before each match, he prays with his father.

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When he steps onto the field with his right foot first, he also touches the grass with his hands and says another prayer. At the World Cup, former Argentinian goalie Sergio Javier Goycochea made a habit of urinating on the field in preparation for defending penalty kicks. Well, that's one way to unsettle your opponents. The ritual seemed to do the trick right up until the final match, when Argentina lost to Germany. Germany's goalkeeper and team captain, Manuel Neuer, also indulges in rituals to get the edge over his opponents.

In a routine that looks almost pious, Neuer touches both goal posts before each match and again before the second half. Will it do the trick at the World Cup ? He was the hero of the World Cupcontinuing to play even with a bloody face.

His own superstitious quirk is that he likes to play with wet socks and boots. As captain, Laurent Blanc led the French national team onto the field for years. Before each international match, he would kiss the shaven head of teammate and goalie Fabien Barthez. It apparently brought Blanc luck. And the more matches the team won, the more other players began to copy the ritual.Why don't fictional characters say "goodbye" when they hang up a phone?

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4 Gluteus Medius Exercises for Stronger, Balanced Hips

Unanswered Questions. Football - Soccer. English Spelling and Pronunciation. English to Spanish. English to Twi.

weak spell soccer

Wiki User The word referring to a sport is spelt soccer. To play soccer you need to spell better. Asked in English to Russian How do you spell soccer in Russian? In England, soccer is called football association football.

Soccer is spelled "le football", often shortened to "le foot". Asked in English Spelling and Pronunciation How do you spell football soker? I think you are looking for Soccer Asked in English to Spanish How do you spell American soccer in spanish? Asked in English Spelling and Pronunciation Is this how you spell gragheety or is this how you spell gragheaty?

The Irish surname is usually Geraghty actor Brian, soccer player Graham. Asked in Football - Soccer Where did soccer bagin? It begun in Ofashinawalf, Germany, where they could spell correctly. Nothing if they cannot spell. Asked in English Spelling and Pronunciation How do you spell soccar? The game you mean, also called football, is spelled soccer.

Asked in Poptropica What is the word you need to spell on poptropica? It is also spelt soccer in English in Europe.Sudden dizzy spells are no fun and may leave you wondering what the heck is going on with your body. The good news is, there are many things that could make you dizzy and most of them are minor and nothing to worry about, Catherine Cho, M.

There are several causes of vertigoaka a common condition that causes an "illusion of movement," Dr. Cho explains. It's caused by a disconnect between your ears and your brain, which results in a spinning sensation.

The most common form of vertigo is one that causes brief episodes of dizziness, called benign paroxysmal positional vertigo BPPV. Cho says. With inner ear disorders, your brain receives signals from the inner ear that aren't consistent with what your eyes and sensory nerves are receiving. Vertigo is what results as your brain works to sort out the confusion. Like we just talked about, that can happen when you move too quickly, but there are other inner ear issues that cause more intense or constant vertigo.

The first possibility is an infection of the vestibular nerve, called vestibular neuritis, according to the Mayo Clinic. When this nerve becomes inflamed thanks to the infection, it can cause a serious spinning or swaying sensation. According to the Mayo Clinicanother possibility is Meniere's disease, which involves the excessive buildup of fluid in your inner ear. You might also experience hearing loss that comes and goes, ringing in your ears, or feeling like your ears are plugged up.

weak spell soccer

If your dizziness feels like your head is spinning not the roomit could mean you're suffering from migraines without knowing it, Dr. Some people don't realize their headaches are actually migraines if they don't also see flashing lights or auras—but those symptoms are not always necessary.

Your migraine might also be an inner ear problem like we mentioned above— vestibular migraines are a thing, too. You don't have to be dripping sweat to become dehydrated," Dr. Dizziness is a common symptom of dehydration.

It may not seem like a big deal, but if you're constantly feeling this way during physical activity, focus on hydrating more to see if the problem stops; getting dizzy in the gym or out on a run is a good way to fall and injure yourself. Though not as common, exercise so intense that you're gasping for air can cause hyperventilation, rapid breathing that causes carbon dioxide levels in the blood to drop, resulting in lightheadedness.

There are a lot of meds that could be the culprit here, but to name a few, anti-seizure drugs, antidepressantsand sedatives are all known to have dizziness as a side effect. Blood pressure-lowering medications could also make you dizzy if they lower your blood pressure too much. For example, standing or sitting too quickly can cause a brief drop in your systolic blood pressure which leads to some brief lightheadedness.

Less commonly, you may feel dizzy if your heart isn't pumping enough blood to your brain due to low blood pressure or poor circulation, according to the Mayo Clinic. Conditions such as cardiomyopathy, heart attackand heart arrhythmia can all cause this dizzy or lightheaded sensation for this reason.It has a vivid and interesting history in the world of sports.

Early evidence of soccer being played as a sport finds occurrence in China during the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC. In China, it was during the Han dynasty that people dribbled leather balls by kicking it into a small net.

Diego Maradona

Recorded facts also support the fact that Romans and Greeks used to play ball for fun and frolic. Some facts point to Kyoto in Japan where kicking of ball was a popular sport.

It is said that early growth of the modern soccer started in England. Some amusing facts even mention that the first ball used was the head of some Danish brigand. It is said that during medieval times, the old form of soccer used to allow many ill practices like kicking, punching, biting and gouging. The main aim was to carry the ball to a target spot.

People grew so fond of the game that they would throng the field all day long. Sometimes the competition grew fierce and masses got so wild that there were frequent incidents of violence during the game.

It is also said that soldiers admired the game so much that they missed archery practice to watch it. King Edward III banned soccer in owing to the growing incidents of violence and military indulgence in the sport. When and where exactly did soccer start is a question that has no precise answer to it. You can easily say that this popular game has been played for more than three thousand years. The nativity of modern-day soccer must be credited to Britain.

It was also known as the association football, with Scotland and England being the co-founders of the systematic game of soccer. Ina major development took place that made soccer popular in Universities, Colleges and Schools. Football was segregated into two groups; some colleges and schools opted for Rugby rules that allowed tripping, shin kicking and also carrying the ball.

These rules were exclusively prohibited as per the Cambridge rules. The history of modern-day soccer was established in The outcome of this meeting was the formation of the Football Association. In Decemberthe Rugby Football and Association football finally split as the supporters of the Rugby School rules walked out.

Firmly establishing the foundation of soccer inthe Football Association strictly banned any kind of handling of the ball. FIFA was established in the year and by early s, different leagues were operating from various countries.

FIFA is credited with organizing the first world cup in Uruguay. The history of soccer is rich with events, development and its growing craze all over the world. You will find yourself amazed as you learn about different times of this wonderful sport that has held our awe and admiration for over years. This website was developed by Geno Jezek, owner of the online store, www.

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